With the recent lockdowns and much more free time on my hands I have decided to start taking part in more game jams, partly for personal development but mostly for fun!
Below you can find two of my most recent game jam entries.





Created for the 7DFPS Itch.io game jam (December 2020)

This game was created in 7 days whilst working around my day job. My main contributions were:

  • Implementing all game logic and pacing using Unreal Engine blueprints.

  • Level design and asset implementation including animation blueprints and widgets.

  • Lighting, material and shader design and implementation.

  • Setting up and managing source control (as we were all working remotely).

Mini Post-mortem:

 I am incredibly proud of how this project turned out. I really enjoyed working in the narrative and core mechanics in a way that could be utilised by our narrative designer. Considering this was completed whilst also keeping up with my day job I feel that the result is incredibly polished for the time frame and I learned so much more about working with Unreal Engine in the process! Although we had to cut a lot of the content short, the main systems are in place and there is an opportunity to revisit this project in the future.

Windows Download Link